29 November

Tunaspot Signing Off

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2 years ago we embarked on a brave journey to create a new type of music discovery layer – a location based one. Basically we wanted people to share and discover new Spotify playlists and Soundcloud sets connected to specific geographic locations – may it be the city’s coolest night club, a secret beach or your […]

17 June

Dear Coca-Cola, Thank you!

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We are thrilled to see that the Placelists application launched last week in Spotify. It is location based music discovery app or as you put it on your website a Groundbreaking Social Music App. Placelists. Imagine a map where you can zoom in onto a beach club in Brazil and tune in to their public […]

29 September

We are nominated for Nordic Startup Awards. Four times.

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Hold on to your fishing rods. Tunaspot is getting lots of attention again and this time we are nominated in Nordics Startup Awards. And not for one prize, but in a whopping four categories. Best Newcomer Bootstrap International Startup of the year We feel like a bunch of teenagers nominated for MTV Video awards and […]

25 September

Message to Sean Parker

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Dear Sean. Since Napster, music services have been spearheading the digital revolution. Every laptop and smartphone in the world will soon have access to an unlimited catalogue of streaming music (thanks to Spotify and similar services). This requires a need for new filters. After the social filters like Facebook, we believe the next generation of […]

6 September

Swedish super-producer Andreas Tilliander about music and locations

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Tunaspot is very exited to find out what different artists think about location and music combination. For our artist interview series we start with one of Sweden’s finest electronica and techno producers – Andreas Tilliander. Andreas has been making music for over two decades under monikers and constellations like Mokira, Kondens, Repeatle, Rechord, TM404 and […]

2 September

Tunaspot covered by Evolver, Wired Uk and a swedish ladies’ magazine

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Four days after the release we are busy monitoring our user base and working on the new features to be added to Tunaspot for Spotify. But we are just as busy running around our office high on all the positive feedback we’ve received from the media. Since the launch on august the 29th we’ve been […]

28 August

Media Evolution the Conference 2012

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We’ve got some great news. Alex was speaking about Location based music concepts on this year’s Media Evolution The Conference last week. The talk went well and we also made good friends with the lovely folks from TNW and the conference organizers at Midem. While counting down the days to the release, make sure to check […]

12 August

Heading back for HQ – looking for slogan suggestions. Wanna help?

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After a bit of festival-hicking between Way Out West, Secret Island Nation, Rainbow Fields, and even further of the map we are heading back for the office (except Erik who’s co-organising summer’s last festival north of polar-circle). Going from festival to festival and checking out all the awesome music related slogans we got a bit […]

7 August

Off to Spotify Hackathon at Way out West

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On the road again. Today we are attending a Spotify Hackaton organized by Luger, Spotify and EMI. The place is Göteborg and everyone attending gets a VIP tickets to Way Out West festival. Being on stage together with guys from Spotify, Soundcloud, Echonest and EMI puts us straight into the big players league. With 4 […]

26 July

Counting down the days

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It’s summer times in Sweden. The Tunaspot team is split, working away from different corners of the world. I’m visiting Göteborg, tapping in into the city’s nightlife pulse. Charting the clubs to be featured in Tunaspot. Ended up at Dj Dainja‘s summer club Colors yesterday and had buckets of fun. Chris our CTO is working from […]