7 November

Tunaspot was one of the arrangers of Malmö Music Hack Weekend #mmhw

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Tunaspot was one of the arrangers of Malmö Music Hack Weekend #mmhw

This weekend we had great fun and great company. Together with Minc, Malmö Incubator, where we are part of the incubation program, we co-hosted this event. We invited all our friends from the music industry to come and present their API:s and their products. Official Partners: Sony Mobile / Deezer / Spotify / Neo4j / […]

8 October

Sadder times, sadder music

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Sadder times, sadder music

I found this interesting research the other day. Some German scientists have gone through the last 50 years of US top chart songs and found some interesting. Actually, they did find a lot of interesting things, but one thing especially caught my eye. Music has shifted in a big way from major to minor key. […]

18 September

#madeinmalmo – Thoughts on the personality of a city

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#madeinmalmo – Thoughts on the personality of a city

A couple of weeks ago Media Evolution the Conference was on in Malmö. For the conference, we asked some nice people – all in different ways representatives for the music industry – to compose their soundtrack of Malmö. And add the hashtag #madeinmalmo to their playlists inside Tunaspot. Inside of Tunaspot you have the possibility […]

6 September

Ministry of Sound

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Ministry of Sound sued Spotify earlier this week. Why? Because people are able to do just exactly what I have just done. Because Spotify allows me to save one of their compilation albums as a playlist.   Here is a link to an article in the Guardian about the lawsuit. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/sep/04/ministry-of-sound-sues-spotify   For the last […]

4 September

Vacationstories no. 4 – Lounge on the Farm

    Behrang, a.k.a Deejay Bacid, part of the Tunaspot team, is also a DJ. He went to a festival in Canterbury called Lounge on the Farm (LOTF).     Even though it was work, since he went there to play, the festival was so nice that he composed his own #vacationstories   His description […]

22 August

Vacationstories no. 3 – Saiva

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I am off to the mountains, going off the grid. No phones, no internet for about a week.   Before I go, I want to share this with you.   I will be hiking for about a week, but it takes me the better part of three days to get there. One day by train, […]

14 August

Vacationstories no. 2, blå vågor

We just received a Swedish vacation story. The description reads “Musik för en svensk sommar i toppklass” – meaning “Music for a top class Swedish summer”. That is it. That is the full description. This tuna is dropped far out in the archipelago north of Göteborg, at Länsmanshålet. (literary the name means “the hole of […]

9 August

Vacationstories no. 1, Vacation in Tulum

We sent out a request to our users last week that we want to hear your vacation stories.   The first one is from Tulum, Mexico. I have never been to Tulum, nor have I ever heard of it. Now I have heard of it, and after this #vacationstories that we got, I want to […]

10 July

Tunaspot Berlin HQ

  Music and location. Music and location is what Tunaspot is all about. There are some locations that are global hotbeds when it comes to music. Detroit, Berlin, Bamako, London, New York are cities that come to mind. There are also some places that stands out when it comes to startups. San Fransisco, Stockholm, Berlin […]

20 March

Tuna of the Day!

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Ever wondered what Aussie music really sounds like?   We all know that their beds are burning, and that they smile and give you a vegemite sandwich. But apart from the stereotypes, what music is popular down under?   Here is a playlist from Sydney, the Australian top 50 chart, that is updated weekly. So […]